engineering services

Biogas or all electric with geothermal energy

green-energy-scout engineers serve you with modern computer aided visualizations and thermal simulation as well as cost benefit analysis.

mechanical engineering

We have engineers which concentrate only on thermal questions like heating and cooling.
They are highly specialised on the elements liquids like water and gases like air.


In order to heat or cool your property we know how to calculate and dimension piping system so that you do not spend to much money on material. We colaborate with the craftsmen to ensure the aimed quality standards.

electrical engineering

Electrical engineers know everything about the power your house needs. We can ensure that the lightning is perfect in every corner with the best energy efficiency.

renewable energies

To provide our customers with most energy savings we like to provide the facilities with renewable energies. All our engineers are specialized on renewable energies such as photovoltaics, windpower and geothermal.

check out our ideas on hydrogen.

Service Sector Kategory Part Part2
planer technical equipment public buildings sanitary drinking water
  energy concepts residential buildings   potable water
  supply technology non residential   sewage water
  plumbing engineering schools   rainwater
  MEP engineering kindergarden thermal envelope materials
  energy modeling retirement homes   building physics
    office buildings   air tightness
    shopping centers   envelope
    universities heat sources sun
    hotels energy sources wind
    medical servie   hydro / water
    comercial buildings   hydrogen
    craft shops   gas
    manufacturing   wood
    health care   alcohol
        district heating
      refrigeration compressors
      air conditioning absorbtion
        Dessicative and Evaporative Cooling
        adiabatic cooling
      mechanical ventilation  
      heatdelivery floor heating
        wall heating
        concrete heating
        radiant heating
      energy storage redox-flow-battery
        led acid, salt battery