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Low tech building with higher comfort

Imagine a building with 5% more rentable surface and higher standard. Imagine your tenants more satisfied, without mould problems and less investement. The base of wellbeing in housing is energy. Clever energy concepts bring shelter, drinking water, electricity for cooking and entertainment as well as fresh air with an enjoyable temperature. Radiators, floor heating ore […]

Photovoltaics, how it works, what it is made from and its efficiency

  The word Photovoltaic is a combination of the Greek word for light and the name of the physicist Allesandro Volta. It identifies the direct conversion of sunlight into energy by means of solar cell. The conversion process is based on the photoelectric effect discovered by Alexander Bequerel in 1839. The photoelectric effect describes the […]

How to build office buildings with long term satisfied users?

Nowadays transparent buildings with enormous glassing and extreme high internal loads by electric equipment are spread all over the globe. Even on the northern part these skyscrapers suffer more and more from over heating in summer. The precise cooling load calculation with accurate data is mendetory for modern and confortable buildings. Constructional requirements for office […]