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Solar server up and running very stable

How to run your server on SunPower? Since January my Homepage runs off grid on solar. I spend approximately 400 € on two 50 W panels, a 20 Ah lithium batterie and an old Dell Tablet PC. Prevent GmbH in Karlsruhe offered a charge controller for free. Thanks a lot. Now I have unlimited GB […]

Photovoltaics, how it works, what it is made from and its efficiency

  The word Photovoltaic is a combination of the Greek word for light and the name of the physicist Allesandro Volta. It identifies the direct conversion of sunlight into energy by means of solar cell. The conversion process is based on the photoelectric effect discovered by Alexander Bequerel in 1839. The photoelectric effect describes the […]

Germany’s Transition to renewables

Andreas Esser is the Managing Director of Green-Energy-Scout called GES. He talks about Germany’s planned transition to renewable energy by 2030 and the changes involved. Germany gets rid of nuclear power. In the aftermath of the nuclear power plant disaster in Fukushima, Japan, the government decided to gradually shift to an energy system based on […]